We are biotechnology executives with years of experience successfully identifying unmet needs and market opportunities, developing innovative products and leading developmental and commercial programs.

We help our clients build successful companies that utilize proprietary technology to address large, unmet needs and deliver value for all key stakeholders.

We use proven frameworks to perform opportunity and need assessments and help our clients craft and execute on strategic plans that achieve their goals and objectives in a cost-effective manner.

At Interlaken Associates, we have a team of experienced life sciences and biomedical informatics advisors that are passionate about helping clients successfully address their strategic, product development, and commercialization needs including:

  1. Strategy
    • Market assessment (e.g. Size and Type)
    • Competition and positioning
    • Partnerships and fundraising
  2. Product Development
    • Technology assessment (e.g. feasibility, defensibility/IP and enabling)
    • Value proposition (e.g. unmet needs and market opportunity)
    • Development (e.g. Lean Principles, TPP and Quality)
  3. Commercialization
    • Business strategies (e.g. channel, sales & marketing and brand equity)
    • Market, business and corporate development
    • Payment/reimbursement and cost/comparative effectiveness